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Working from home: How to stay motivated?

Updated: Jan 11

With the global pandemic plaguing our world, working from home or working remotely has become the new normal. It has become the option a lot of people are opting for. Working from home is seen as a much better alternative than going out to work and exposing yourself. You are in your environment and do not need to make much of a fuss over what to wear or dealing with traffic. However it is a big adjustment and one has to be conscious of becoming too relaxed, distracted, and developing bad working habits that can make you fall behind with your work. Here’s a couple of tips on how to stay on top of your game while working from home.

1. Set up your workspace

This is one of the things we take for granted when we work in an actual office. Having a dedicated workspace shows that you mean business and when you sit at your desk you actually feel motivated to work. The best way to achieve success working from home is to set up an actual office. Working from bed or your living room is clearly not the best way to get work done. We highly recommend organizing your workspace as if you were working in an office. You could also set up a task board right in front of you so you keep up with the work that you actually need to do for the day.

2. Waking up early

When you are home you feel like you need to sleep in, there is no one supervising you so the temptation is there to just sleep in and start the day when you are finally tired of being in bed. After a good night’s sleep, your brain is fresh and this is when you are most productive. It is important to create an actual morning routine. We all know that the first half of the day is the most productive. The brain tends to slow down as the day progresses so you should prioritize your most important tasks while your brain is fully charged.

3. Get dressed to work from home

Everyone knows that getting dressed can be a real confidence booster. This is true even if you are not leaving your home. By dressing up you feel like you are ready to take on the world. So even if you have a conference call with your boss or a client one cannot tell that you are working from home, they still can sense your professionalism and your confidence. When you are in your pajamas you will tend to feel lazy and most likely focus on your bed than at the work at hand.

4. Schedule

It is very easy to lose motivation when you do not know where to begin or where the work is going. By developing a structure for your work your days begin to make sense. This is where your tasks board becomes handy. The most important things should be put at the top and this makes it easier to see your progress. When you can take a break and see how far you have come and how much you have achieved you are motivated to keep going and to put in your best effort.

5. Breaking down the work

By setting a small target and mini-breaks encourages you to get the work done. Certain workloads can seem very daunting and you can keep putting them off until it is too late. By breaking down the work and giving yourself a time frame before you take a break can help to push you. In most cases, you will find you keep pushing until the entire task is done.

6. Figure out a reward system

This idea might seem childish to others but it is a method that works even to motivate adults. The reward can be anything that you would rather do than work. For example, you can put off eating your favorite snacks until a specific task has been completed or watching a show that has been nagging at you. This will make even the reward worthwhile because you know that your goal has been achieved.

7. Take away distractions

The home is full of distractions. Apart from the things that you tempt yourself with, there can be other people who will want your attention as you work because you are right there for them to access. It is important for you to set ground rules that you will not be disturbed until a specific hour. It is very easy to be distracted and have your train of thought completely ruined. Getting back to that same frame of mind can be difficult.

There are also many distractions such as chats on the phone, websites that are only a click away, and can have you distracted for hours especially social media sites, so we highly recommend turning off notifications until your actual day of work is over. A good way to stay sharp while working from home is to listen to binaural beats which have been linked to increased concentration and alertness, problem-solving, and improved memory.

8. Exercise

This is something that I would encourage people working from home to do. Exercise is very essential in everyday life. This is because your body needs a boost in energy that comes from a good work-out. When you are no longer going into the office and you sit in front of a computer all day it’s easier to become lazy. Exercise will motivate you, you will have more energy and you will become more productive as your brain even focuses better. If you need some work-out ideas, check our blog post about our best yoga programs.

9. Get some sun and socialize

It is very easy to be a recluse when you are working from home. Without actually leaving your home and being stuck moving from your desk to your bed you can forget what it is like to be in the real world. Online chats and video calls do not help and they are not as good as the real thing. Studies have shown that people who go out often to public places and get some sunshine, meet up with friends, and have a good laugh are more productive and successful.

The brain needs a break from the monotony and it needs vitamin D. When you are happier you work better and you produce better work. It is even important to take time off and travel away from your desk. Take vacation time, because when you work from home you no longer have office hours and do not know when to switch off. So leaving home and going out to take care of yourself also boosts your motivation.

In conclusion, working from home is a big adjustment and may seem like a tall order but it can be done and in the long run, it can be more beneficial and even more productive than going into an office space. It is possible to win and achieve as long as you develop self-discipline and a positive attitude.

Do you have any tips on how to stay motivated working from home? Comment below!

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