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Why Do People Travel ?

Updated: Jan 11

Planning a trip

Traveling is one of the best things you can do in life. It doesn’t have to be extensive travel either. Even going on a vacation just once or twice a year can serve to expand your mind and broaden your horizons. There are a lot of people that enjoy traveling. There also some that are fearful of stepping outside of their comfort zone. However, we truly believe that traveling is good for your mind, body, and spirit. That’s why here we’ll be discussing the top 4 reasons people travel and why should to the same!

1. Traveling Lowers Your Stress Levels and Makes You Happier

This might come as a surprise to some people but traveling has been proven to lower your stress and make you happier. Sometimes when traveling to a new destination, the trip itself, figuring out hotels and directions, and the right times can be stressful in itself. However, research has shown that doesn’t seem to matter. In one study researchers found that after a four-night vacation, participants were in a better mood, less anxious, felt well-rested, and reported a better quality of sleep. The effects didn’t disappear upon arriving home either. In fact, a 30-day and 45-day follow-up revealed that the positive effects of the previous vacation were still detectable.

2. Exposing Yourself to New Cultures and Environments Brings Positive Changes

Traveling around the world or even within our country can expose us to different cultures and environments. This broadens our horizons as well as our understanding of the world. When people travel to a new location, especially one far away from home, They will experience new food, new traditions, and see new sights. Their perspective on the world and what they thought they knew begins to change. The more experiences we have the more perspective we gain. From this, our mind starts to grow and expand.

There are positive health benefits to stepping outside of your comfort zone as well. In her book Good Germs, Bad Germs: Health and Survival in a Bacterial World, Jessica Snyder Sachs explores the advantages of being exposed to new germs and bacteria. Traveling to new environments exposes you to new bacteria which actually works to create stronger antibodies which, in turn, boosts your immune system.

3. Traveling Will Help You Live Longer

There are many benefits to traveling. This includes expanding your awareness and becoming an overall better, more mindful person. However, in a groundbreaking 40-year study, researchers found that traveling is not only good for the mind but good for the body as well. In the first follow up, 15 years after the initial study, they found that those who traveled had reduced their risk of cardiovascular disease by 46%. In the 40-year follow-up, they found that participants who took three weeks or less annual vacation had a 37% greater chance of dying than those who took more than three weeks.

“Don’t think having an otherwise healthy lifestyle will compensate for working too hard and not taking holidays,” said Professor Timo Strandberg, of the University of Helsinki, Finland. “Vacations can be a good way to relieve stress.”

4. Traveling Makes You More Creative

Adam Galinsky, a professor at Columbia Business School, has published several studies on the link between traveling and creativity. In one of his latest studies, Galinsky looked at the creative directors of close to 300 different high-end fashion locations and their experiences working abroad. The study found that there is a clear correlation between time spent abroad (or traveling) and creative output.

“Foreign experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and depth and integrativeness of thought, the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms,” stated Galinsky. He also added they found that traveling increases your faith in humanity. “We found that when people had experiences traveling to other countries it increased what’s called generalized trust, or their general faith in humanity. When we engage in other cultures, we start to have experience with different people and recognize that most people treat us in similar ways. That produces an increase in trust.”

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