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Six Keys To Develop A Super Memory

Many people think we have been born with a good or bad memory. The idea of having a

fixed brain capacity has been reinforced even for our traditional educational system,

which teaches us to memorize tons of information without any logic or strategy. The

truth is genetic factors determine just one-third of our memory; the other two-thirds

could improve with proper training.

Could you imagine how much time and money you can save if you learn how to learn

faster? Or how much more productive you could become having the correct tools to

improve your memory?. If you think about that, this article will help you to start your path to have a super-brain; keep on reading to learn the best advice to boost your memory.

Change your way of thinking

The first and most crucial step to take is to believe in yourself, stop thinking you don't

have the right genes to have a good memory or not smart enough. Sometimes, we

believe that the grass is greener in the neighbor's house, but we all have the same

potential; the difference is how we use it. Remember, where your attention goes, your

energy flows. If you continuously repeat negative thoughts, you will finally come to

believe them.

Boosting diet

A healthy nutritional plan is fundamental to improve our brain capacities. Avoiding meals

with sugars added and processed foods will help you increase your memory and health

in general. There are specific foods full of nutrients you may consider to include in your

diet now:

Avocados are a good source of omega-3, which helps to regulate our mood and

emotions. Avocados also contain healthy fats known for increasing the levels of several different feel-good chemicals in the brain.

Blueberries contain antioxidants that may improve areas of your brain that are essential for intelligence. Eating blueberries regularly enhances your thinking and memory skills.

Green leafy vegetables; Spinach, kale, broccoli, and other leafy green vegetables are rich in antioxidants. They contain a significant source of two essential nutrients that help improve brain function

— Vitamin K, strengthening cognitive abilities, and Choline enhances memory.

Wild fishes high in Omega-3, are packed with an omega-3 fatty acid call

docosahexaenoic, essential acid that protects neurons from injury, reduces cerebral inflammation, and helps produce neurotransmitters.

Dark chocolate contains flavanols, a form of flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory and

antioxidant effects. Also, it improved brain blood flow, oxygen levels, and nerve function.

Tumeric boosts the brain hormone BDNF, which increases the growth of new neurons

and fights various degenerative processes in your brain.

The idea is to get de nutrients and vitamins directly from the foods, but taking some

supplements is a good idea if you need them. Being hydrated is vital for our brain’s

function; drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

Avoid the routine

We all have the power to improve our brain’s capacity; the secret is to challenge it with

new activities to increase neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity allows your mind to change

and adapt. For example, break bad habits easier, learn faster, give you more control

over your mindset, and even improve your focus.

Motivation is the key to unlock your memory

Learning is, without a doubt, a process where motivation has an important role. That's why keeping in mind the reasons why you would like to improve your memory is going to help you to achieve your goals.

When we associate new knowledge with emotions is more comfortable to learn, retain,

and recall.

Workout regularly

Exercising floods your brain with nutrients, oxygen, and blood. Also, it helps you to

reduce stress and increase your neuroplasticity's rates.

It is a highly recommended aerobic exercise, like running, walking, etc., and high-intensity training.

If you already have a routine of exercise, you can keep going with that and incorporate

some of the activities suggested. Remember, exercising increases your memory, cognition, and learning abilities and reduces stress, depression, and anxiety.

Find a Coach

There are tons of books, apps, and courses you can take to improve your memory

abilities. Nevertheless, there is an online program offered by MindValley call The

Superbrain by Jim Kwik. He is one of the most recognized learning experts amongst

celebrities and professionals, with clients like Harvard, Nike, Virgin, Fox Studios, and

Singularity University.

This program will activate your brain's limitless potential, and it would help you

experience significant personal and professional growth. With this Master Mind Trainer, you will learn the fundamentals of how our brain works, powerful techniques to improve your memory, the most effective strategies to remember a lot of information rapidly, and how to remember names forever. For those who want to learn a foreign language, a particular module offers you foolproof techniques to learn, memorize, and recall faster new vocabulary. Also, the program covers how to memorize speeches, texts, and numbers.

Ready to get started?

Remember, you have all you need to develop a super-brain; all it takes is self-confidence and daily training with the right strategies. What are you waiting for?. Start today building the path of super memory.

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