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Best inspirational quotes for 2020

Updated: Jan 11

Embrace every day like it’s your last one

Every morning should be a blessing, don’t expect the world to serve you motivation on a silver platter. Go ahead and make the best of every single day! Sometimes, it is hard to get motivated in the morning, grabbing life by the balls, and fully live the day that YOU deserve. That’s why we put together a melting-pot of our best inspirational quotes to make your day brighter and to make sure that you dive into 2020 with the right mindset to achieve everything you ever wanted.

  1. If you’re not happy with your actual self, shake things up a bit !

  1. We put so much time into details that are not important, do what matters the most, and do it NOW !

  1. Who said it was gonna be easy? Keep pushing, you’re almost there!

  1. The only person that you should envy is yourself…

  1. Getting out of your comfort zone, isn’t it the key to grow ?

  1. This should be the only dance lesson you take this year…

  1. Tackle today like there is no tomorrow…

  1. Pat yourself on the back… you’re doing great!

  1. No more blah blah, now it’s time to act !

  1. You need to learn to turn the page and move on

It’s a fact, positive words can make you smile and just a simple smile is enough to create lots of changes in your life. Change your mindset, think positive , be confident and you’ll see how willing the universe is to help you achieve your goals.

Today is YOUR day !

2020 is YOUR year !

No more excuses now, take these quotes write them down on your calendar, stick them to your fridge , pin them on your motivational board , write them down on your mirror , but please use them… They’ll help you get by when things get rough, ’cause they will.

For more inspirational quotes to stay positive, go ahead and check out Brainy Quote website which is packed with tons of good quotes to keep you going. If you are more the ¨Book type¨ go grab our top pick ; Greatest inspirational quotes : 365 days to more happiness , success and motivation by Dr. Joe Tichio.

Cheers !

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